Back2Better Team Winners are Syngenta

12 November 2020

Team Member Louise tells us how the challenge helped her:

“Working from home has been a real change for me, I always enjoyed going into the office and trying to get out for a walk, usually to the Kelpies, at lunchtime. So once we started working from home I found I was missing not only the connection with colleagues at work, but also the easy opportunity to get out for that lunchtime walk. I have two small children so when schools were closed the balance of work and childcare took up so much time there wasn’t much opportunity for exercise. The app was a good excuse to get out for a walk every day, no matter the weather which helped my wellbeing significantly.

It has made me realise how little I move about during the day. Using the app and the chance to raise money for one of the local charities was a good incentive to move more. I’ve also donated over £40 to Strathcarron Hospice through collecting BetterPoints on the app which has made the experience even better." - Louise from Team Syngenta

Congratulations to the Team from Syngenta who topped the engagement leaderboard and won £500 for Strathcarron Hospice.

There are lots more prizes up for grabs during November for all your active travel. So wrap up, stay active and earn rewards with Travel Right Falkirk!