Ditch the Car Star Becky

03 September 2020

How one user is getting 'Back 2 Better' with the new challenge

Every month we are awarding one user 25,000 BetterPoints as our 'Ditch the Car Star' in the Travel Right Falkirk Challenge.

Our August winner is Becky. Before she joined the challenge Becky wouldn’t have dreamt of cycling to work every day until she bought her e-bike and then there was no stopping her!

We asked her what made her change her behaviour.

The real catalyst for the change for me was purchasing an e-bike through the cycle to work scheme in November. The scheme allowed you to pay in monthly instalments and it came directly from your gross salary with tax benefits.

I was cycling 2 days a week and now it’s every day. The Travel Right Challenge has helped me to cement the change in my travel habits by the rewards offered. I’m one of these people who are really motivated by positive reinforcement. Now I’m cycling to work every day I totally look forward to it - I’d be fed up if I had to go back to what I did before.

What health benefits have you noticed being part of the Travel Right Falkirk challenge?

Well I’ve shifted my lockdown weight, I had put on half a stone and thanks to the reward challenge that’s now gone. I’m loving the competition element of the new ‘Back 2 Better’ challenge, and currently top of the leaderboard, let’s hope I stay there!

Its 5 miles into work, so I’m clocking up 50 miles a week just on my commute. I love it when I hit the NHS target of 150 minutes per week, and I always aim to achieve this by Wednesday. This then propels me to exceed it each week.

Other benefits are that I now sleep like a log as a result, the knock-on effect of doing this extra activity is that my mental health is fantastic.  After my morning commute I come into work buzzing and in great mood. The cycle home then allows me to do my best thinking and mentally ‘un-pack’ my day, and I’m in a good place when I arrive home.' - Becky

I caught up with Becky again recently and found out that Becky treated herself to some new cycling gear with her vouchers from Decathlon and Halfords.

Congratulations Becky and well done for making those changes to get out and be more active

If you've enjoyed walking and cycling more during lockdown, then don't slip back into old habits. Tell us how you're coming back to work, but better, by ditching your car and commuting on foot or by bike. Visit your activities tab in your app and complete our ‘Ditch the Car Star’ survey. 

If you're still working from home, tell us about how you're keeping active by using the car less for short leisure and shopping journeys. Or how you're gearing up to try cycling or walking to work when you do return.

You can submit an entry each month, so look out for messages in the app to remind you to tell us your story.

Be chosen as our monthly Ditch-the-Car star and win 25,000 BetterPoints and tell us how the challenge is helping you to 'Travel Right'.